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The leader in computer security, Norton is a reputed name in the industry as it offers most affordable and easy to use software products that can secure multiple devices from a single product key. Norton.Com/Setup is a specialized web page to purchase, download and Install Norton Setup on various devices. Things are so easy with Norton that even a basic computer user can easily use its products with confidence. Norton constantly updates it’s all products thus sometimes things get little bit complicated for normal users. But do not worry, here will let you know how can you easily Setup Norton Security software on your Windows and Mac computer within few minutes.


As we mentioned earlier, Norton Security is a comprehensive security solution for computer and mobile devices. Norton Security comes with 4 levels, such as basic, standard, deluxe and premium and Norton focuses on offering you the support and helps you need when it comes to avoiding online threats and viruses. You have real time protection against any type of malware. And Norton Setup goes even further by offering you advanced financial information protection. This means you won’t have to worry about losing any of your confidential data, Norton Security will ensure that the purchases you make on Norton.Com/Setup are secure and no one is able to track them.


The first thing you want to do is to go to Norton.Com/Setup and the website will automatically redirect to my account area. What this does is it allows you to see a localized version of the Norton website where you can select the options you want. Before you could Install Norton Setup, you will need to buy it, so you have to assess what options suits your needs the most.

Norton Setup

A thing to keep in mind is that the Norton Setup price shown on the website is for the first year and that might not include sales tax. This is also a subscription based system, and the price might change depending on how Norton will price things a year from now. Of course, you can choose to stop the Norton subscription at any given time from your account. This is why, in order to download and use Norton Setup With Product Key, you will have to create an Norton account.

You can login or create an account at www.Norton.Com/Setup. It’s mandatory to do that because this is where you will have all your Norton subscriptions and Product Keys available. That being said, you will have to remember the Norton credentials. Otherwise you will not be able to login into your account. Thankfully Norton does have a security system in place to help you in case you forgot the password or your address.


The first thing you want to do is to login on Norton website. You will need to make sure that you use the right credentials, otherwise you might end up with a bit of a problem. So try to avoid that at all costs if possible. Follow these steps to Install Norton Setup on your Windows computer:

  1. Visit Norton.Com/Setup and Sign in with your Norton credentials. If you do not have a Norton account, you can create it here.
  2. This web page will ask you to Install Norton Antivirus on this computer or install it on any other computer. Normally you will be accessing Norton’s interface from the device you want to Install Setup Security, so just select the option to install on your device.
  3. Click on Agree and Download Norton Setup button, this will initiate the download process.
  4. Double click on the setup file that you have got from www.Norton.Com/Setup on your computer and follow the instructions.
  5. Double check the installation location and any Norton features you may want installed. You will be requested to login to your account, so do that when necessary.

And that’s all you need in order to Install Norton Setup with Product Key on your computer. The great thing about this Norton system is that since you are logged in, you will always know how long the Norton subscription is valid. It just offers a much better result and value, without putting a lot of pressure on you. Do keep in mind that Norton Setup With Product Key tend to have limitations, so even if you can download the installer on another computer, you might not be able to activate it there if you’re limited to single use at a time.


In order to Install Norton With Product Key on a Mac you have to go through a similar process. Every license you own and have, regardless of the operating system will be available in your Norton account. So you have to visit the website Norton.Com/Setup there and check on all the available Product Keys. If you have a Mac license, you will have to click on it. Follow these steps to Install Norton Security on Mac Computer:

  1. Right near the Mac license, you will see the Download option.
  2. Make sure that you select the option to Install Norton of this Device.
  3. Click on Agree and Download link to install the Mac version of Norton Security.
  4. You will have a DMG file downloaded from Norton.Com/Setup, just double click on it to mount it and start the installation process from the executable inside.
  5. Follow all instructions and login when requested to do so.

Thankfully the Norton Setup download process is very similar for both Mac and Windows. It’s all thanks to the dedicated Norton Dashboard that makes managing and handling everything very simple. Norton did a very good job at helping you keep all the info in a single place, and you can feel free to customize Norton dashboard if you want, all at your own pace.

In conclusion installing Norton Security is not a very complex process. That being said, it can be a tad confusing at times to browse Norton.Com/Setup website. So it makes a lot of sense to go to the instructions above in case you have any questions. It will help a lot and it will make the entire process simpler and easier. You just have to make the right pick when it comes to Norton Setup With Product Key you want to use. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about anything as you will have everything under control. Don’t hesitate and consider installing Norton Security right now if you want to improve the computer protection.

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