Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN is basically a succession of previously released software under the name ‘Norton Wi-Fi Privacy’. The software, just like all the other VPN software, helps users in ensuring that their internet browsing and traffic are not spied on, which is pretty common especially if one goes online without a properly secured Wi-Fi network. Most of the users, unknowingly use poorly secured Wi-Fi networks making themselves vulnerable to ransomware attacks. 

Backend Infrastructure

The Norton Secure VPN comes with 29 endpoints. This means users have 29 different options for connection routing. The backend infrastructure of Norton VPN is shared with SurfEasy that is a well-known VPN provider in Canada. The infrastructure was developed by Opera but was later acquired by Symantec. Hence, the service is currently answerable to both US and Canadian Law. 

No Logging Service

The VPN system comes with no logging service, which means, for maximum user safety, none of the connection information is stored by the VPN. The no-logging service is claimed by the Company, it has not yet been proved by Symantec in the court. The best part is, the software comes with a built-in ad blocker which is much more efficient than the freely available ones.

Kill Switch

Even though this VPN system is among the top VPN services available on the internet, the lack of kill switch results in a slightly less secure connection. This has also resulted in a security flaw which causes half of the traffic on the internet to stop unexpectedly. The system automatically starts as soon as the computer is turned on. The endpoint is chosen based on the best connection speed available. However, if the user wants, he/she can change the endpoint based on personal preference. 

Norton Secure VPN


The Norton Secure VPN is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS on Norton.Com/Setup to download. Unfortunately, the software does not support Linux/ubuntu operating systems as well as NAS boxes or routers. The VPN uses the Open VPN protocol for creating endpoint connections. 


To our disappointment, this expensive VPN system does not come with a lot of features. It only provides the basic VPN services that can be found in much cheaper or even free VPN software. Despite using VPN, users are still at a privacy risk since there is no kill switch. 

Service Prices

As mentioned, the Norton secure VPN is not one of the cheapest services out there. if you want to purchase the service for a single device, it will set you back by $19.99/year, for five devices it costs $29.99/year and for 10 devices per year it comes at a $69.99/year price tag. This is the first-time cost. For bill renewal, the service will cost $39.99/year for 1 device, $59.99/year for 5 devices and $79.99 for 10 devices. 


  • The no-logging policy is pretty clear.
  • It has excellent speeds for European endpoints.
  • The streaming performance is top-notch.


  • No-kill switch.
  • Lack of broad device support and advanced features. 

Final Verdict

The offering provides basic VPN service needed by everyone but lacks advanced options and lacks support for operating systems other than windows and mac. Moreover, renewal costs are pretty high. 

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