Protect Your Webcam With Norton Antivirus Security

Webcam hacking is one of the easiest gateways providing cyber criminal direct access to your computer. Norton antivirus, the most sought after antivirus software boasted with all requisite features that can protect your PC’s webcam against any unauthorized access. Hacker penetrates virus in your PC through multitude of ways, consequently ingress your webcam with ease. Once they hack your webcam, they can keep an eye on all your actions concisely speaking, they intrudes your privacy.   

Norton antivirus works as a curtain against viruses like malware, spyware, ransom ware and other online threats for our computers, Mac, tablets, laptops and other gadgets.  Most of the users want to have access to state-of-art technology to make theirs life wonderful and hassle-free. But every innovation and development is made with good intention but the devilish mind also exists in this world. Cyber attackers, hackers, eavesdroppers misuse the same technology to make your life hell. These cybercriminals are always on the verge of looking for gullible tech-users, known as wrong-doers.

Norton webcam security is powered by innovative security technology, you can download it from www.Norton.Com/Setup website. Our experienced team members are always all set to monitor online threats and guard your device across the world.

Protect Your Webcam With Norton Antivirus Security

How To Know If Your Webcam Is Under External Control

If your webcam is under external control, it will not take long time to get know about it.

Observe Your Webcam Light

The light of your webcam near the lens will give you an idea about being hacked or not. If light of your webcam is on which comes in many color like green, yellow, red. It means second party is using it for spying on you. In order to examine your webcam, just switch off the light near the lens, and keep an eye on it.  So, it is very easy to know about its hacking.  

Examine Storage Data

If Webcam is operated by hackers, just examine those file which are available in the memory of your webcam. Hackers are so experts in terms of their work, they can save recorded file in a folder as well. So, go to setting, over there, you can find folder or file, thus you will come to know what has been recorded so far in your webcam.

Examine Data Use

As everyone is having internet pack to use, if your webcam is used by second party, it needs internet data to operate. By way of seeing used data, it will give you an idea about its functionality.  

How To Protect Your Webcam

Malware infects your device that as a consequence provides remote access to the hackers. Malware leads to webcam hacking.

  • Norton 360 is an ideal plan that can run on your device enabled with sophisticated multi-layered technology and security software. 
  • Don’t open unsolicited emails.
  • Never click on the link attached to the unsolicited emails. 
  • Don’t download website and other content which is not a legitimate. 
  • Subscribe to Norton antivirus plan that can provide protection to your devices. 
  • Update your software before being outdated.
  • Firewall must be used to lock down your network.
  • Chat with strangers online must be avoided.
  • Always have a virtual private network (VPN), this can protect your privacy and identity. 

Norton antivirus comes with unique plan to protect our webcam from hackers or cybercriminals. If our webcam is hacked by third party, all the privacy will be revealed to strangers. By way of going through this article, your problems will be sorted out. Thus, your device cannot be hacked by someone.  

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