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In today’s world, you cannot control the way your information is being tracked. There have been numerous scandals where major companies like Facebook have been heavily fined for selling user data. How can you ensure you are safe in such an environment? Norton Privacy Manager comes with a solution. It gives you more power and control over the information that is being shared over the internet. The program routes all of the online traffic through a proxy server and uses sophisticated encryption. The system, as claimed by the company, does not store any of the user information either. Some of the features that this Privacy Manager comes with are:

Sudo Virtual Profile

The Privacy Manager allows its users to create a sudo profile. This helps in safeguarding personal user information during online activity. You can also create multiple sudo profiles. To create a sudo profile, you can assign an email address, a password and a phone number to every profile. Using these profiles, you can shop and browse online without any risk to your personal information. You can create a Sudo profile for every activity. 

Stay Anonymous

The Privacy Manager also features a built-in VPN that allows its users to stay private and anonymous. This way you can keep your search history private, prevent companies from sending your targeted ads and reduce the amount of spam you get. The VPN allows you to privately browse through the internet. It is also equipped with ad blockers and tracker blockers to keep you invisible from online trackers. 

Norton Privacy Manager

Password Manager

Apart from being your Privacy Manager, the system will also be your password manager. It will remember your passwords for you and will even suggest you hard to guess passwords if you run out of ideas. It is not only secure but is convenient and time-saving as well. All the passwords and personal information are managed by the software. You don’t have to worry about anything. The best part is, it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Hence, you can get it for all your devices without worrying about compatibility. 

Private Communications

On top of the above-mentioned features, the Privacy Manager also lets you send texts and emails and make calls by keeping your conversations private. This is also done by creating a sudo profile for every activity. All the data is secured via end-to-end encryption. 


  • The system is robust and is designed to maximize user convenience.
  • It will keep all your passwords and personal information managed.
  • Has an integrated ad blocker and tracker blocker to keep you from being found.
  • Installation is easy, just visit Norton.Com/Setup and download the desired file.


  • It has few server locations and does not come with P2P and torrent support. 

Final Verdict

Just like Norton's secure VPN, the Privacy Manager also has limited operations. It costs $30 per year provides features that can be found in multiple free applications. However, if you want to go for a trusted name and do not want to take a risk with your privacy and personal information, then there is nothing better than the Norton Privacy Manager. Sample Text

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