Norton Security Premium

Norton Security Premium is the staple version of their security system and it really is one of the most powerful packages that you can get from Norton. The interesting thing is that you get everything from Deluxe as well as some helpful, additional features that were not available in previous versions. You just have to pay a bit extra to get these most advance features need for today’s life.

What’s extra in Norton Security Premium?

As you can imagine, all the protection features and systems are pretty much the same with Norton Security Deluxe and that’s a very good thing. Deluxe is a great option if you want complete protection on the internet and some additional tools too. Norton Security Premium comes with even more stuff, which really makes it stand out of the crowd.

Another interesting thing is that Norton Security Premium also covers 10 devices in total. You can have mobile as well as desktop assistance and that is really handy. It goes to show that youcan have coverage for all your family even if they have more than one device. It can even be used for friends. The additional coverage is a great and powerful addition that you should use at your own pace.

But the main benefit offered by Norton Security Premium to its customers at least for a lot of people is 25 GB of storage. Having this type of benefit is really handy and it allows you to convey your ideas in a meaningful manner. It works great, it’s adaptable and you will be more than happy with it. You can store whatever you want in there. Norton has secure storage, and 25 GB for 12 months is more than enough to begin with.

Norton Security Premium

Then there’s also child safety features. Having parental control support is always important and Norton Security Premium knows that. Which is why they are automatically stopping sites that are not good for kids if you want them to do so. You have to customize everything there and then it will be more than ok for you. 

That being said, you will notice that Norton Security Premium will automatically back up your photos and documents in a particular folder to the backup service they offer. You can change these default setting from Norton.Com/Setup easily. This makes it even faster and more seamless to protect you stuff online and that will pay off big time.

The liberal device licensing system is great and combined with the outstanding protection. It does make Norton Security Premium a leader in what it does at this time. However, aside from this you have everything in Deluxe. It’s not as comprehensive as other Premier services that you can find out there. But that’s still ok.

As a whole we found Norton Security Premium to be a great online security system. It works as you want, the protection is great and the features as a whole are pretty impressive for what you want. It’s certainly worth checking out, especially if you are interested in a good online security system. It can definitely be better by adding more stuff on offer, but even so it’s worth checking it out and you will enjoy it!

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