Gazillion of innovations and inventions have been made with each serving different human interest but get converge at a single object- make human life easier. Internet and internet-run devices are once such innovations. As more and more are becoming of the internet world, incidences of cyber crimes are also increasing dramatically. To protect your device and important credentials that get stored and remain present somewhere on this web even when you try deleting them, Norton antivirus has been one of the leading antivirus software against these malicious actors. Norton safe search is new and out-of-the-box creation of this software.

This is a unique feature of Norton antivirus software that recognizes malicious websites and reports to its users about the status of the website. An in-depth analysis of URLs submitted by users and websites on the web are the two ways used by Norton safe search to make your surfing safe and secure. If the safe search is enabled, it can filter out unsafe websites from search results.

This article of Norton.Com/Setup is dedicated to providing the users with the in’s or out’s of how to turn on or turn off Norton safe search in your device. If you have decided on turning off the safe search, you need to confirm that the safe search is saved as an extension. If you have not saved it, make sure to add it to the browser which you use. You can install it from the official website of Norton.

Troubleshoot Norton Safe Search

If you want to turn off the Norton safe search, here are the steps which are going to guide you.

  • Go to the browser and open it. Now, reach out to the top right corner of the screen and click on settings.
  • Move to More Tools in the Settings option.
  • As a next step, open the extensions page by clicking on it and look up for a safe search option.   
  • Now, check it out what is the status of Norton safe search – enabled or disabled.  
  • You can click on either option as per your preference. Here as provided, click on disable Norton antivirus safe search.  
  • As the last step, rerun your browser.    

The above-given steps are informative enough to educate you on how to turn on and off Norton safe search with ease. If you find it hard to resolve this issue, you can get the help of technicians who are experts and having experience of many years in resolving the issue in no time.

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