Norton Password Manager

All of us manage passwords every day, and it can take quite a lot of time and effort to remember each and every one of them. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to use a tool like the Norton Password Manager. These solutions help you ease the pressure and you can enjoy access to all your passwords whenever you want. It works better than you might imagine, and the results themselves are pretty impressive too.

What can the Norton Password Manager do for you?

The main idea behind the Norton Password Manager is to have a secure vault where you can add all your passwords and keep them safe. There are lots of hackers out there, and the last thing you want is your passwords to become public or be used for unlawful situations. It makes a lot of sense to use this tool because it offers you all the features you need to keep your info safe. On top of that, the Norton Password Manager offers you ratings for websites. This way you can see which websites are safe and which ones are not. It will help you assess the way you use the internet and what websites aren’t worth entering.

Moreover, they also have a password strength report. If a password is weak, then Norton Password Manager will tell you to change it. This might not seem like a lot, but it actually has the potential to help you immensely. You get to stay safe and prevent problems, which in the end is exactly what makes the experience a very good one. They also have a feature where you can have an automatic password change. 

Norton Password Manager

How can you use the Norton Password Manager?

First, you have to download it from Norton.Com/Setup and install Norton Password Manager app on your computer. Use your Norton credentials, the app is free and you can download and use it right away. Once you did that, the app will automatically capture passwords from your browsers. Then you can set a master password for the app itself, which means only you will have access to the app. This master password is something you should never share with anyone. If you do, then other people will have access to all your passwords.

While Norton Password Manager doesn’t have two factor authentication, it does have cloud support and it will sync passwords across all your devices. It’s a very good tool if you want to have passwords readily accessible. And since the passwords are kept in the cloud by Norton, they are always protected.

Don’t hesitate and give the Norton Password Manager a try if you want great results when it comes to managing and handling passwords. All you have to do is to check it out for yourself, and you will be incredibly impressed with the outcome. The Norton Password Manager solution is free, and you will have extra features if you pay a premium per month.

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