Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is offering the great and consistent set of features from desktop in a mobile format. The app is super popular, it has over 10 million installs and it delivers quite a lot of value. That being said, if you want complete protection for mobile you will need to purchase the paid version, and that can be rather costly.

Malware protection

We found that Norton Mobile Security works great when it comes to finding malware. You can choose to scan any file that you download or share with others, however Norton Mobile Security also has automatic scanning. So if there are issues they will let you know on the spot. It also scans any SD card that you include, preinstalled apps and so on. Nothing escapes their attention, which is maybe a good thing because there’s more control and focus over the entire process.

Any sign of malware was immediately sent as a notification during our tests. SoNorton Mobile Security is indeed very powerful when it comes to detecting malware and that will work extremely well more often than not. The ability to identify ransomware and other stuff like that is also great. So you do get a complete package when it comes to malware protection, that’s for sure.

Features and Tools

An interesting thing is that you can lock the device if the SIM card is removed, as that might signal a thief. You also have SMS commands that you can send from any phone. Locking the device and performing a security wipe after 10 unsuccessful unlocks is very handy and it always pays off extremely well. Aside from that, you have contact backup which is great if the device doesn’t rely on Google backup to begin with.

Norton Mobile Security

Some of the other additional stuff includes safe search, which means you can search for stuff online without any risks involved, something that’s really hard to do nowadays. And the feature set continues with call and SMS blocker.

If you go Premium, you will even have an app advisor tool that lets you know what apps might be dangerous. There’s also a link guard that studies and notifies if a link is unsafe. And you also receive a complete privacy report that tells you what attacks were there, what issues you encountered and so on. They even have a set of addon apps like the App Lock, Identity Safe and others.

As a whole, Norton Mobile Security is a very comprehensive mobile security tool. It’s extremely easy to use and download from Norton.Com/Setup in minutes. And it puts all the power in your hands without feeling very demanding. There’s not a lot of resource cost here, as Norton Mobile Security works great on most devices to begin with. And we like the fact that you get notifications at any time when issues appear. It just goes to show the value and professionalism they are offering through this. So yes, Norton Mobile Security is a great tool and if you want to protect your device you should check it out!

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