Fix Norton Error Code 3035,6

Norton antivirus software is well-known due to its integrated features in the sphere of data protection. There is tons of antivirus software in the market, but Norton antivirus software is giving an upper hand to its competitors because it has been designed to meet the needs of its users. Despite having all features, some loopholes still finds reason to emanate. One of the most talked about issue is Norton Error Code 3035 that appears in front of many users. But there is nothing to be worried about, it can be fixed easily.

There are many factors which can cause this problem like incomplete and improper installing, corrupt downloads, missing files.  Norton Error Code 3035 appears at the time of installing, activating on your computer. In order to overcome this issue, this article is going to help.  You must follow the steps mentioned in this article only by one without skipping any step.

Reasons Behind Norton Error Code 3035

Norton Error Code 3035 can be created due to many reasons for the users, but some of the most common causes responsible are mentioned below.

Fix Norton Error Code 3035
  • If installation of Norton antivirus software is done in an incomplete manner.
  • If your computer is under attack of virus, malware then window system files and Norton internet security program related files can be suffered badly.
  • If you delete some Norton Setup files unknowingly which are not meant to be deleted, then error crops up itself.
  • In case of downloading corrupt files, possible, this error may be displayed on your computer.
  • If window registry of Norton internet security is corrupted, your window system file could be hampered.

Common Symptoms

Norton Error Code 3035 appears while installing, uninstalling and downloading of Norton internet security program. These errors can cause your system behave differently like your system shut down unpredictably, and running program window might have been crashed and so on. Some symptoms noticeable to users are given below.

  • Computer system stops working for a short span of time.
  • Windows app crashes rapidly.
  • The performance of your system gets slower due to this error.
  • Unable to find access to system.

Steps To Fix This Problem

For the purposing of removing Norton Error Code 3035, there are many steps which can be followed by users.

  • Type Norton.Com/Setup and run Norton Live Update.
  • Go to my Norton window, and then move next to device security, now click open.
  • Make double-click security, and move to click live Update.
  • As live up-date gets over, move to ok.
  • As you see notice message, live update message, now you have Norton product with latest protection updates.
  • Go to exit programs, and restart the computer.

If your problem is not sorted out, restart your computer and follow these steps.

  • Download the Norton remove and reinstall tool.
  • Go to download window, press the Ctrl + J key.
  • Make double –click the NRnR icon.
  • Go through the license agreement, and then click Agree.
  • Clicks uninstall and reinstall.
  • Click carry on and remove
  • Click restart now.

Norton Error Code 3035 appears due to many reasons. The above-given steps can help you resolve this issue within a couple of minutes.

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