Fix Norton Error 8504, 104

Norton antivirus software is one of the leading antivirus software in this arena. But there are some issues which still attract and should be sorted out. One of the most common issues, which are noticed, is Norton Error 8504, 104. This problem can be created by security software or when the Norton product is being updated to new version. Inconsistency appeared due to install shield in Norton antivirus software. In case of having such problem which can be sorted out with ease by Norton, first and foremost, it should be uninstalled and reinstalled again, it is very easy to reboot your system, and see problem is resolved.

Norton Error 8504 message is appears in different circumstance. By way of having corrupt installation files, error message is found on account of writing of corruption affecting the conventional installation phase, such problem can be resolved by running the specialized Norton Setup tool for the purpose of removing every Norton component effectively and reinstall it. Third party antivirus and security scanner also creates Norton Error 8504 and it gets conflicted with Norton’s installer. In order to solve this issue, third party AV and security scanner should be uninstalled, so that this problem will not be displayed again.   

Fix Norton Error 8504, 104 Easily

It is very easy to overcome Norton Error 8504,104 on windows by way of following prescribed steps. In case of having such error, first and foremost, you have to uninstall Norton software from the control panel, and download, latest version of Norton software from Norton.Com/Setup directly. When you browse this webpage, make sure that you have typed the address correctly so that you reach on the official Norton website only. There are chances that browser might redirect you to somewhere else and you might get stuck with corrupt setup files.

  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool. 
  • Save the file on the desktop of your computer and run it.
  • Get agreed with its term and conditions and follow all the given instructions.
  • Now, move to advanced options.
  • Click Remove Only and then click Remove.
  • Click on Restart when prompt.
  • As computer restarts, abide by on screen instructions to Install Norton Security again on your PC.

Norton antivirus software comes with latest technologies in order to give its best services to its customers. But sometimes, some troubleshoot appears like Norton Error 8504, 104. With the help of this article, this problem can be resolved without any difficulty. Still if you are not able to do the above mentioned task, let us know, we will try our best to provide you much simpler instructions.

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