Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe is the type of app that every one of us needs to have on their computer. That’s because it covers all the necessary security features you want fast and with great results. It’s consistent, reliable and it always delivers the results you want without any issue. Apart from standard antivirus it delivers many security features that are required in today’s world for complete protection. This is a kind of mid range product from Norton that has most the required things but still some are left for Premium version.

What is covered by Norton Security Deluxe?

Norton Security Deluxe is a comprehensive security solution, so it has quite a lot of interesting features for you to use and explore. First, it covers iOS, Android, Mac and PC under a single package. The interesting thing is that it covers 5 devices in total regardless of their nature. You have real time protection against all the known and emerging malware, viruses and ransomware. It’s the type of system that works well and which can easily be adapted to your own requirements.

At the same time, the interface is similar to the other Norton Security versions. It’s showing you security features, online safety and performance too. Having a true focus on performance related stuff is great here and you do have it covered by Norton Security Deluxe to begin with.

Norton Security Deluxe

When it comes to scanning and performance on its own, Norton Security Deluxe does a very good job at offering you an astonishing value and experience all the time. They did a stellar job at identifying various points of malware and the aggregate lab score of 8, 8 out of 10 is more than ok. The malware files are also easy to detect, so they always help you stay away from malware and that’s exactly what you really need from it.

Also, they have a great tool for your browser to identify sites that are suspicious and quite problematic most of the time. We also like the fact that you get the password manager too. Since you are paying around $89 for this package, having extra features like this is a breath of fresh air. And you really get quite a lot of stuff for this price to begin with, which is what you need.


We like the Norton Security Deluxe firewall because it’s smart and it has some great automatic customization stuff. That being said, you can configure it into various ways and that will work just as well. But you do get firewall reset options, exceptions, safety features and so on. All of this is very important and there’s always the potential to work on new stuff and always strive to bring in front cool ideas. When you Install Norton, firewall is configured with basic settings that you can customize as per your requirements.

As a whole, Norton Security Deluxe is a great package. It does have a higher price when compared to other Norton Security versions, but it also includes plenty of features and support for 5 devices. The subscription system works like a charm and you can easily add and remove devices. Plus, the protection is quite amazing for what you pay here and you will be quite happy with the entire experience and process as a whole. We recommend you to test it and check it out as it might be a really good investment.

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